My first stop on the way to Australia is in Honolulu! My mother is traveling with me before I start school in Melbourne, so we thought we might as well break up the flight with a very long layover (4 nights). We have been busy eating, going to the beach, and somehow meeting the kindest people along the way.

Yesterday, we had a car, so we had greater access to more of the island. We got up early and went on a lovely (albeit touristy) hike, and then to a farmer’s market where we stocked up on papayas, mangos, and rambutans.

Since we were lucky enough to have a car, we drove to Kailua to go to the beach there! The drive goes up and through more forested areas, and was absolutely gorgeous.
Baby chick outside the grocery store!

We finished out the evening with dinner at Nobu, and it was a humorous event trying to quickly de-sand and de-ocean ourselves to get fancy and dressed up enough for such a lovely dinner.

We have one more full day left here, which we started out by returning our rental car (oooh, glamorous!) and walking down to the beach for sunrise. It is so beautiful here, and everyone we have met has been so incredibly kind. I could not be more grateful, and hopefully, I do not get more sunburnt.

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